Monday, July 28, 2008

U.S. Roller Figure Skating Championships

I have been knitting like crazy to keep my mind off of my competition that is happening this week. I am almost finished with the big blue coat. I kept thinking that I was making a mistake on the chevron lace, but I wasn't. It took me until I finished one repeat of the front and collar that I realized the last couple of rows are staggered by starting each row with one knit more than the last, which makes one or two less at the end. It looks just right. I am excited about how it's coming out.

About the skating, I fly out tomorrow for Lincoln, Nebraska. I have a practice day on Wednesday and then I start competing on Thursday morning. I wasn't really feeling that nervous about it until yesterday. I am one of the top few from last year and I am hoping to do really well. I will keep everyone posted. I plan to knit my shapely tank while I am away. There should be a lot of spare time for knitting. I will be able to knit at the auditorium while other parts of the competition are happening. I even hope to get pretty far on my project while I'm there.

After the competition I am headed to my dad's house in Missouri. While I am there, I will definitely have time to knit. There's not a lot to see in Missouri except my family. I am also going to give my grandmother a perm while I'm there. She's pretty hilarious, the only time she gets her hair done is while I'm there. I haven't been there since last August. She should be good and shaggy for me.

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