Sunday, April 3, 2011


Something funny happens around my birthday. Which was a big one by the way. I am officially 40. That being said, I also received a bit of yarn for my big day. I am also in 2, yes I said 2, sock clubs. I also had an "Embrace the Lace" club shipment come. Wow, that's a lot of new yarn. I was just getting in touch with all of the yarn I bought at Stitches. All I've wanted to do is start every project that all of that yarn is intended for.

I have been knitting with the Knit.Sock.Love group on Ravelry. Each month we start another Cookie A. pattern, but we have 2 months to finish. I finished one of my March socks and have the second on the needles. It's now ok to put the April socks on the needles. Crazy!! I had to frog my January Socks that Rock club socks, they were too tight. Before I could do that my March STR shipment showed up. I also joined the Woolgirl sock club for the third year in a row. I did pretty well last year, I only have 2 projects left to knit from last year. It always sounds like a good idea when I join these clubs, I forget that I have a stash of yarn from the first year. I want to knit through it, but new stuff always comes along.

I tend to get startitis and it never involves my club yarn. Ahh well, it is yarn and I love yarn. In and amongst it all I do finish some things. I just finished a beautiful Nicole from I a thoroughly convinced that Bonne Marie Burns is a genius. It is so flattering and I love it. So, things do get finished even if I can't stop starting things.

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